For everything that you like to keep for yourself


For everything that you like to keep for yourself


For everything that you like to keep for yourself

Our latest product

From today we discover the successor of the datAshur Personal, called the Personal 2 from our stock. This USB flash drive with plastic housing has had a number of changes from which the most important; USB 3.0 read- and write speed. (up to 11 times faster than USB 2.0) Capacities to 64GB* FIPS PUB 197 certified Bootable USB flash drive with AES 256-bit hardware encryption – no driver or software needed and so it works on all OS.


All information is encrypted, and
so unreadable for others.


With your 7-15 digit pin code
other people cannot access your data.


No difficult software or tricky user instructions. Safety on the fly!

Who we are?

E-quipment B.V. is your partner for efficient, safe storage of your business data. Our security solutions are known by advertising high quality, military encryption techniques, authentication by entering your Pin Code or spelled words and ease of use.

We stand for delivery of top-quality solutions and make it our goal to deliver safety and protect your company’s data. We can help you choose the best suitable data protection solutions within your business model.

Please let us help you putting together a quote within 8 hours. Or take a look at our products selection which product fit your needs best.

Start eliminating the unprotected USB flashdrives

Having unprotected USB flashdrives in an organisation is the closest thing to risk severe punishment or suffer major reputation damage, not to mention law suits. Let us help you to point out the risk, and replace this plaque with solid encrypted USB flashdrives, which...

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Making a systematic backup of our data is strategic, being them either private or job-related ones. The safest choice is to carry out their backup on an external unit such as USB memories or external Hard Disks. This protects us from any damage or theft of our PC. We...

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