IndependenceKey Professional Cryptographic device


High performance portable encryption device, equipped with TPM authentication chip, AES256 hardware engine, univocal cryptographic key generator. Ideal to protect files, directories and disks as well as to safely use Cloud storage services, share reserved information with third parties and make, through optional plugins, safe VoIP phone calls. Complete with Security Cap. Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (8.1) at 32 and 64 bit.

USB to Go

Met deze handige accessoire maakt u een verbinding tussen uw Android* smartphone en uw beveiligde USB stick welke voorzien is van een Micro USB aansluiting.
Handig om een backup te maken van uw vertrouwde gegevens, en zodoende meteen ruimte vrij te maken door uw foto’s te backuppen. Veilig gevoel ook dat niemand erbij kan komen.

*de meeste telefoons die draaien op Android, hebben een Micro USB aansluiting. Tegenwoordig zien we ook steeds meer USB-C aansluitingen op Android telefoons, waarvoor we binnenkort ook een adapter zullen aanbieden.

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Why is it different from any other cryptographic device in the world?

Because it is easy to use and offers innovative functions that, to the present day, have been precluded to most users. IndependenceKey is the first portable cryptographic device in the world, perfectly integrated with the operating system, which allows users to protect files and disks, to use the Cloud safely and to create one’s own safe network.

IndependenceKey distinguishing features:

▪ The cryptographic keys never leave the device! For this reason, nobody can access them.

▪ Immediate and intuitive creation of one’s protected network. No longer passwords or access keys written on memos, e-mailed or texted.

▪ Direct access to encrypted files with any application. To open a file a double-click will be enough!

▪ No unencrypted copies, IndependenceKey works directly on cryptographic files.

▪ Fast and safe Cloud usage, at maximum speed, optimizing the available resources (bandwidth, space, etc…) Every time a file is updated, IndependenceKey updates only the differences keeping the protection level unaltered.

▪ The only portable cryptographic device equipped with a USB host port to connect external flash drives, headset for safe VoiP calls and other USB devices.

▪ IndependenceKey is the only portable cryptographic device that allows users to run an automatic and completely autonomous hardware backup of the cryptographic keys and of the Password Manager data through the Security Cap and the Data Bank.

▪ Speed record: IndependenceKey is the first portable cryptographic device capable of reaching 100 Mbps in real-time and sustain HD A/V streaming.

▪ Protected against brute force attacks: IndependenceKey locks itself and only the Security Cap owner will be able to unlock it.

▪ The only device that allows to connect to one’s colleagues with no need of either a VPN or of complex software protection superstructures.

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